This is my passion


I’m giving life away every single day by Laughing, loving and lifting others along de way…

This is my philosophy

Erwin Ovalle

Fames ac turpis

I’m a Guatemalan native, who moved to Chattanooga fifteen years ago. I’m amazed how far the city has come since I arrived here.

I can see big things in our future and I am compelled to stay here and watch it grow and evolve. My expectations for our city are vast as we come together to collaborate in business and community.

I’m the founder of MCS, Nerdwebs and Ovalle’s catering service. I’m strive to create a corporate culture in which the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainable growth are embedded in our everyday practices. One of my missions is to grow MCS not just as a cleaning business but in the implementation of recycling programs and helping his clients to green.

I have the desire to work with Chattanooga’s diverse population and develop the ability to join forces in brainstorming and bounce ideas off of each other.

As a chef, I put my heart into the art of food and hospitality through our catering business.

Some years ago I develop the ability to launch Nerdwebs, a web design and marketing company who has been an opportunity to create trough the technology paths.

My desire is to serve people. My faith drives and sustains, bring me hope and joy in the process; this is ultimately what my life is all about, living out my passion to serve as a leader in business and the community is achievable trough my faith.